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Thread: Knitting and Crocheting on Kniffty Knitter Looms

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    Knitting and Crocheting on Kniffty Knitter Looms

    A couple of years agoi I stumbled upon these plastic knifty knitter looms at Michael's Craft Store. As I am a quad with very limited finger dexterity I wasn't sure I would be able to knit using this loom. Traditional needle knitting is out of the question. However I was happily surprised to find out that I could knit using these looms. I have made hats and scarves which come out very nice. I have both the round looms and rectangular ones. Anyone with wrist mobility and able to wrap the yarn around the pegs should be able to use these looms. There and many utube videos if you google knifty knitter looms, hats, scarves...Anyways I thought I'd share this as some may be interested in a new hands on creative hobby.

    I have always had an interest in sewing and fiber arts. The kniffty knitter enables me to create some very unique and beautiful knitted items. Currently I am making a scarf doing the figure eight or rib stitch. My next project will be mittens. They make great gifts.

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    I know what you're referring to. Those looms are a lot of fun. If you're sitting around watching TV, why not knit? I'm glad you found a way to enjoy fiber arts.

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    I absolutely love fiber arts, of any and all types! I'll have to post up some of our knit creations. And, baskets. Aside, I have long been enamored with embroidery after the first time I saw one, front and back, as a child. The beauty of the presentation side compared to the myriad connections enabling it on the back just hit me hard. It is a perfect analog to Life and Humanity, IMO. The Unseen relationships and connections behind everything of beauty all around us! Love it.

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