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Thread: amazon has or had the dragon 12 home for$ 49,

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    amazon has or had the dragon 12 home for$ 49,

    is it worth it. i can use my hands, but i get tremors from neurotin, and would just like to get used to voice typing, searching etc.. Are there other ones that play well with other applications and are better than dragon? i see this one is home, for $49 premium is $99.
    i saw some freeware ones on

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    If you have Windows I would probably try windows speech recognition as it is already free and on your computer. (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8) With regards to dragon home, I personally would not be bothered with it but it depends how much you are going to get into it. Don't expect miracles and it helps to become really interested in the software, how it operates but it does have a learning curve. I hear lots of people complain about its accuracy but considering we are talking to machines and not humans I think it's pretty good.

    I use Dragon 12.5 professional as I have many macros which enable me to operate hands-free. I am a little biased I guess as I have been using it for several years and depend upon it, but for $50 could you really go wrong? On the other hand WSR is free so you should probably try that first if you have Windows.

    Just my opinion.

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