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Thread: Getting basic vehicle service with a Braun converted van

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    Getting basic vehicle service with a Braun converted van

    Hey, all:
    I have a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan van with a Braun Ability ramp conversion kit on it. With the lowered floor and vehicle, I'm having a real time trying to find a "regular" service station that can help with with basic vehicle maintenance like oil changes or brake work because they say they can't get the van on their standard lifts. I was told when I bought it, that any service station should be able to provide basic maintenance like this. Does anyone else have experience with this? Is this really more of the service people just being afraid to roll up on the lift because it might scrap the skirt that covers the conversion kit? Or is this a legitimate problem? Is there some info I can give a service station to help them understand? I just can go all the way back to the place I bought the van every time I need a basic service.

    Please help.

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    I take mine to the dealer. I've never had a problem that way

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    It is a legitimate problem. The skirts are issue, along with the thick steel plate under the floor. There's also all the electrical addons. Let the dealer do it.

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    Any oil change place with a drive over pit should be able to handle a customized van. There is no lift involved. Don't trust the "house" oil though. Some is really lousy. When I lived in an apt and wasn't allowed to change it myself I brought my own Mobil 1. They had no problem using my oil since it was saving them a couple bucks on the house oil.
    Brakes are an infrequent issue that you shouldn't have to deal with more than every other year even if you are high mileage driver. I wouldn't trust any chain shop on brakes anyway. They have a vested interest in lying to you.

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    I have an '05 Braun T&C, I have never had a problem. Kwik Lube, Discount Tire, local mechanic shop, nobody has ever said a thing.

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    I've taken my entervans to countless different service stations and they have always found a way to get it on the lift. Sometimes there are no problems and sometimes it takes a little ingenuity, but it's always do able.

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    [SIZE=14px]Hi Jeff,

    I just carried mine to the garage I had been using for my other vehicles and they were cautious but checked and said no problems. The people I use have 4 lifts. Just check around as dealers charge at least 150% of what a garage will charge. Also, the technicians like my van where they squat down to drive with the hand controls.

    Good luck,


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