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Thread: vBulletin Themes/Skins?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddity
    I'm looking for an amber and black monochrome theme, like the IBM 5155 Portable I got for my 13th birthday. I've hated everything new ever since. :rofl: (I did love that machine!)
    I still have mine... :geek:

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    Good job Steven, it looks like things are coming together, I see the CareCure logo is now up and some Avatars are showing up, it's all coming together. I tried going to that site again at the top of page and it's weird, my Webroot is not letting me in saying the content is not safe, strange. But I am starting to get like and get use to this new Carecure site under Vbulletiton

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    After looking at all 45 skins, my choices are "Web Market vBulletin 4 Theme" and "Blue Demon."

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    I like the life element theme

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    Nice! Mine was on a shelf in my Dad's garage, last I saw. In a box with my Vic 20, TRS-80 and Atari 2600. Those were the days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hlh
    Would love more color contrast. The grey/light blue/blue/white is too monochromatic. More contrast... Blues much more saturated and/or add more contrasting saturated colors. It's odd... but it actually is hard for me to look at and hard for me to "see" the topics etc..
    I agree, we definitely need contrast colors. It's so drab.......

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    I quite like the Life Element one - but it's turning into a major problem that I can't zoom on this site (iPad mini, chrome), whereas I could on the demo themes

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