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Thread: TiLite Single Swivel Caster Antitipper with WHEELIE BEND (SSCAWB)

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    TiLite Single Swivel Caster Antitipper with WHEELIE BEND (SSCAWB)

    Because of the ongoing upgrade, I cannot yet post the pics I've taken, but I finally found someone locally who successfully bent the SSCA (TiLite's DU100069) so I can do wheelies. I reinstalled it just this morning, and it's fabulous. My chair configuration has prevented me from practicing wheelies for many months now, so I'm rusty, but on a level surface I can now maintain a wheelie then tip back a bit onto the SSCAWB and rest or twirl! The shop foreman spotted me during adjustment, and even tried it out himself (resting and twirling on it) to see how stable it felt. (BTW, I bought a Triple8 bicycle helmet.)

    My auto mechanic bent the titanium for me. He has worked with titanium on race cars before, and was eager for the opportunity to work with it again. He didn't even want to charge me anything, but I paid some behind his back to the shop foreman anyway.

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    Yay! And this proves your maths was spot-on, doesn't it? I hope you enjoy the results enough to ease the frustration over the fact that the durn thing wasn't set up this way to begin with!

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    I must admit I was nervous; I wasn't positive my math was right, just pretty sure. I made a mockup with the calculated bends from 1/2" steel conduit, which I gave to my mechanic to work from when bending the titanium. I actually had dreams last night about the work going badly, and the original product becoming unusable.

    My frustration over the original setup eased quickly when I realized my configuration request was very unusual (if not unique).

    I'm eager to post pics.

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    You could always post them on and then post the links. I want to see the setup you got

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    My first use of PhotoBucket. Hope it works.

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    Hi Chas, I've been trying to post for a while, but hopefully this time will work. Congrats on getting the anti-tip working. That's great that you could find someone to work with titanium and your numbers all worked out. Have fun doing wheelies again!

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