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Thread: Camel Back hydration?

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    Camel Back hydration?

    Starting to put in some longer rides on the hand cycle and I've heard these camel back systems are pretty good to have. Anyone use these? Do you strap it to the hand cycle or do you wear it like a book bag with the backrest of the bike between you and the camel?

    Any of you guys use any other hydration setups?

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    I made my own for my Force R. Drilled a hole in the top of a Polar Bottle and used tubing from Lowes and attached a bite end and put a bottle cage on my seat bar behind me. Works great and saved me some $$$

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    Hmm not a bad idea. I have a bottle cage on the back already. Where did you pick up the bite end?

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    Any local bike shop should have them.

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    Thanks crash I'll hit up the bike shop and take a look around.

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