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Thread: Broken Links?

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    Broken Links?

    Hey guys & gals, Great job with the forum upgrade! I'm looking forward to the completion of the upgrade, it'll look great :D Anyways, I was just wondering if links to posts have changed/are broken. Links on my forum to here aren't working and I can't find replacement links. I'd love to link to the great informational posts on here for our members but can't. Will these links be recoverable or is the coding for VB5 preventing it? Thanks :)

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    Looks like all of the inbound links from Google are also broken. The bad links do not even get routed to the forum root. Instead, you get this kind of error. If vb5 does not support url rewriting, there are definitely ways to do it with Apache via configuration or modules.

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    You can see the error by navigating to the following URL, found by searching Google for "handcycle bike racks"

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