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Thread: Well Done On The New Website

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    I like it but change takes some getting used to. When the iPhone updated many people didn't like it and whenever Facebook changes many don't like it either. Almost always seem to hear more from those that don't like changes than from people that do. Thanks to all that worked on this website!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddity
    I would have hoped this site meant more to people living with SCI than what it looked like. I didn't find this place searching for an aesthetic. I didn't stay because it felt "homey" or "inviting". This site is an unparalleled resource, and treasure trove of information, for people living with, and those affected by, spinal cord injury. Be it in whatever form, that hasn't changed. The upgrade will shake out, the bugs will be fixed, and the site will be better for it. This is progress. One step at a time. With as much as some people pour into making this site happen, in time, effort, and money vs those who simply take from it, I just don't understand all the negativity. It's down right disrespectful of those who have, and are, meaningfully contributing.
    People don't like this new site because the old site was home for them. This new site has no personality or soul. It is just a plain hard to navigate, impossibly restrictive and BORING format. It is just not appealing. You say it is a treasure trove of information and it WAS. Now it is just a hard, cold, ugly unwelcoming website. Sorry to those who put so much work into the new site, but it sucks.

    It's like being served liver that you hate and then being told to enjoy it and eat it because your mom went to all the trouble to fix it for you.

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    I must have missed something on the old website. I don't remember it being warm, soft, or pretty; as a matter of fact, after a week of cruising the new site, I can't even remember anything about how the old site looked except the CareCure logo. I'm really happy with the new site, and will be even happier when the bugs are worked out. I do miss the avatars, tho...

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    Well, suffice it to say, since all the same information is still here, I couldn't disagree with you more. The old site was a stock vBulletin format with just a logo on top, too. It's nothing like liver, to me. It's like dumping an old friend after they got an SCI because, even though they are the same person on the inside, their new shell is just too hard for you to deal with, without giving them, or yourself, the time to adjust.

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    If it stops the ever-present spam, I'll love it! It was time for change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duge
    Don't like it!!!!!
    x2 duge

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    I'm willing to give it a shot. Websites have feature and skin changes all the time and we all seem to survive. The content will be the same, I hope. I am missing all the avatars, though since there are generic pictures, I hope it's just a matter of time.

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    Just testing the photo uploading capability, it seems to work. I think once the bugs are worked out of this site everything will be fine. Looks like I managed to get a little avatar too, Things are looking up.

    Well, managed to upload a photo, so that's a good sign.

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    What skippy said.

    p.s. The default font is TINY. I may be old but damn.

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    well done :homeranm:

    thank you for the Update .... Avatar?

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