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Thread: Bowel issues

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    Bowel issues

    Hi! I am a C7-T1 quad since 2005. I have had bowel issues the entire time. I do a program mon-wed-fri. I switched about 9 months ago from regular suppositories to the Magic Bullet. I thought it would make things move faster than 2 hours, but that seems to be the normal time amount for it. I get 1 minute of digital stimulation and cleaned out if there is stuff down low, which is rare, before the nurse puts in the bullet. I started taking Citrucel daily when I switched also. The first bottle of Citrucel pills bulked me up like the doctor hoped so I didn't have accidents very often. Now I'm back to accidents. I was taking one senna pill the night before my program also. I stopped that when the accidents started coming back. Without senna I have large amounts and usually formed to kind of hard stool. But then if I eat anything different or change my diet at all, I have a runny mess. I can't even know what foods/time I eat affect me because it is different all the time. I just want to stop having accidents, I'm ok with hard stool because I usually have plenty come out. I am literally full of you know what.
    Any suggestions? Thank you!

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    I'm no expert, however I've been dealing with my son's issues for 9 years. It sounds to me like you need to do your BP every day instead of 3 times per week. I know what a pain it is doing it every day, but it really sounds like this is something you may want to consider. Also, you may want to try Enemeez. Magic Bullets stopped working for my son and we have had good luck with Enemeez. Call the 800 number and get some free samples. Best of luck to you!

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    shelley, you might try probiotics. They regulate the bacteria in your intestines so that there is a good balance. It should help you not get constipated as well as not getting runny stools. Works for me, many here take probiotics when they're on antibiotics to counter the bad effect of the abx.

    Good luck.
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    I agree. Any time you are having lots of accidents, it is a good idea to go back to a daily program until you can get a handle on the cause.

    I would also want to have an evaulation in your case by a good GI specialist to be sure that you don't have a non-SCI related condition such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which can produce some of the problems you are talking about above.

    Citrucel and Metamucil don't really help to firm up stool very well unless you are also on tube feedings. Try calcium polycarbophil (Fibercon) instead if you really need to manage that problem.

    You also may not be emptying well when you do bowel care. Most often people use a suppository to bring stool down into the rectum (manually removing any stool right at the end of the rectal vault as needed to get the suppository properly in place) and then follow that with digital stimulation to relax a spastic sphincter (don't use if sphincter is flaccid). One minute of digital stimulation BEFORE the suppository is generally not going to result in good emptying.


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    when i have loose stool, the metamucil wafers tend to work a lot better than the powders. i also take pro and prebiotics and this helps as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crypticgimp View Post
    when i have loose stool, the metamucil wafers tend to work a lot better than the powders. i also take pro and prebiotics and this helps as well.
    Just wondering if chewing the wafers and not drinking additional water cause the stool to firm up?

    All the best,

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