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Thread: How many of you have portable hand controls?

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    How many of you have portable hand controls?

    I'm just curious, do you have portable hand controls in addition to a modified vehicle?

    I'm thinking of buying a set since I'm about to get a car. I'm thinking it would be good so I could test drive some cars, and to have as a backup. They are expensive though, and I'd hate to spend the money on them to have them sitting in the closet all the time though.

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    I was looking into some really old forums posts when I saw this:

    I think most people prefer portable hand controls because they're significantly cheaper and don't damage the vehicle (and it's resale value) - plus they can be installed and removed on any vehicle which is great for rental purposes. Permanently installed hand controls tend to cost 2-3 more money (up to 1-2000 dollars for brands like Menox) so I think for most people it's a money issue.
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    I had a welder weld me some, the only controls i use.
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    We have some portables as well as both of our cars with permanent ones. We like it when we have to drive a non modified car. The downside to portables is that they can always loosen and loosen at the most inopportune times. As long as you constantly check the connections, you should be ok. I just feel safer with our permanent ones, and so does my husband.
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    I have a set of portables but I prefer permanently mounted controls. The set I have tend to make my thumb go numb in stop and go traffic but they are nice in that they provide the freedom to drive other folks cars and remove the dependency on making special reservations with rental cars.

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    I've been making my own temporary hand controls for years. The biggest problem with them is the new cars. The gas pedals are getting mounted closer to the hump in the middle of the car and the pedals are plastic with weird back to them. Making it difficult to mount the hand control. The brake pedals have never been a problem. The other hassle with temporary controls is you must remove them when someone want to use their feet to drive. It fine when its sunny and warm out, but rain or cold weather makes it a pain to screw around with them.

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    Regular hand controls run me roughly $1000 installed but that's okay by me. Almost all auto makers have some sort of disability assistance program that reimburses new car buyers up to like $1200. That's the way it's been for me with the last four cars I've bought since 2008.

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    I use portables when my car is in service. I drilled a small whole in the pedals of the other accelerator in the gmc Acadia and the ford focus so that I can put a long screw thru it and avoid slipping of the hand control on the pedal.
    works like a charm.
    dont think the wife was thrilled with the little hole tho....

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    I use the freedom staff portables when I want to drive my wife's car. Work great and I have very little hand function. Much easier to install and adjust than the sportaid Z4's, IMO.

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    I bought a set of portable controls for traveling and I really recommend them. I use a set from Amazon. What I found is the last two times I tried to rent a car with hand controls - first the rental company did not understand the request, then they did it wrong or did not have the car and third they charged money for them (This was |England). In addition the controls they installed were Lynx - a UK brand installed so I need to use the controls with my right hand pushing the gas with my thumb.
    Bringing my own controls means I can use something I have practiced with, I don't need anything from the rental company but an automatic transmission and in England I can still use my left hand as I am used to.
    For my car at home I think permanent controls are worth it but for traveling I highly recommend a set of portable controls. They are less than $300 from Amazon.

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