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Thread: Dr. Young's Successor?

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    Dr. Young's Successor?

    As we anxiously await the one-year results from Kunming, there is at least a possibility that Dr. Young will spend the next few years working on a phase 3 trial that will allow the luckiest of the participants to take a few assisted steps, and nothing more. That is great news for those of us who have large sums of money riding on some sort of "you'll never take another step, even a minimally assisted step" bet, but it is not all that meaningful to the majority of us, who are not acquainted with the sort of animals that would make such a heartless wager. I do not feel that I am talking out of school when I say that Dr. Young is no spring chicken. Is there a plan of succession currently in place at Rutgers? Who will take up the "I knew the guy who knew Superman" banner and run with it? Who will oversee the future trials?

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    I hate to have to agree with you regarding the usefulness of the outcomes being reported and do so here:
    But rather than think about the successor to Dr. Young I'm concerned about the successor therapy. It's been over a year since the personal observations of walking. Also over a year since the last patient was operated on. And if UCBMC don't prove useful, most importantly it's been almost as long since the talk about Cethrin. Have these experiments started? Are there any other potential therapies being tested on chronic animals I.e. more than just talk of wanting to look at therapy x, y or z?

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