I took a stupid fall down a concrete step!

Here's the email I just sent my pt. Please tell me if you have any advice..

Bad news. I fell out of my chair down a concrete step and landed on my knee and dr found a small fracture  (its still in place though) She just put an ace bandage on it and told me to not put weight on it and try not to use my quad. I have a message in with the orthopedist, but they are closed now and I didn’t hear back so I have to wait til Mon to even talk about making an appt.

Now that I’m home I have so many questions about how I should limit my movements and its really hard to dress, pull my pants up, shoes on/off without bending my knee a lot. I also worry about my transfers and wonder if I’m putting weight on it. I know I can ask for a pt consult for this, but not until after Monday. Sorry to bug you, but just thought I’d try You and see if you have any advice. I know my next step would be going urgent care, but I’m not very expectant that a reg. dr will tell me anything new.