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    life got more strange today

    The good news is, I don't have breast cancer.
    It is probably calcified scarring on my ribs from when I broke them in my accident.
    .... its been one of those weeks no woman wants to have.

    that's big news, but the bigger news is, I have a neurosurgeon to look into my situation.

    If only id gone strait home and
    (not) gone to walmart for some watercolor paper after visiting the Dr today.

    There I was, "walkin" shuffling, dragging over to the only rollycart, and this big ole cowboy looking man grabbed my arm and said can I help you?!
    I spun toward the pull and hit the tiles hard. holy cow what the hell?

    well I pulled myself onto the rollycart, and sat there for a few minutes trying to recover, and the guy starts chatting me up, asking for my phone number.

    um.... Im not dating or interested in any relationships. ....are you sure, I give all my girlfriends their own credit cards? The mans girlfriend skips in, and he gets a terrified look and pretends he wasn't just asking my for my phone number and offering me a sugar daddy. when I say girlfriend I mean Girlish enough to be a least a decade younger than me. off they go. what the heck just happened here?

    It turns out the rolly cart was dead, so I went to get off it, and was aware I could not lift my bettear leg very well. I shuffledragged to a shopping cart, and got my paper, and by the time I got to the checkout, I was becoming aware of extreme pain.

    I become aware, of the fact, that I aint "walking" any further. down I go slowly. causing a scene at the walmart. not as bad as the time the lady knocked me backwards in my wheelchair and rattled my head, but pretty much a effing scene. called roomie out of work and went to the ER.

    I called walmart later, and asked if they could look at their camera's. It happened so fast, Im not really sure what happened, so could they look? They were very nice about my request, and are looking to see if there is any video. there is a camera there. right over us.

    My walking is not good, and my balance is worse. He grabbed my stronger side, and the weaker side followed and spun me onto the floor. I had only one brace on, so maybe the other ankle buckled.

    after I fell, I was in so much pain I forgot the stuff I just payed for. The pain in my heels, and the bottom of my feet got incredible, while a blinding pain shot down my butt and out my belly.

    a police officer standing at the end of the checkout asked me if I was ok. I told him I didn't think I was, told him what had happened, and asked if my vehicle could stay in the parking lot. ... a lot of people stopped and asked if I was ok while I was waiting for my roomie to come take me to the ER. The policeman wanted to call an ambulance over. they were there for a fender bender, and going my way empty, but I didn't want to do that if I could get a ride. what if someone really needs an ambulance, and I was keeping it busy? no ambulance! so anyway, I didn't file any kind of report, but Im probably part of the officers report anyway. and the ambulance guys.

    what if that old guy was moving in on me for less than helpful reasons? do you think he should be liable? I don't have to pay for an ambulance ride, but my ER visit bill will be painful, im sure. If I had fainted, Id totally be paying for an ambulance ride, Im so glad it passed without me passing out.

    Do you think if It appears the man was zeroing in on me to hit on me, rather than just being clumsy helpful, that he should be made aware of an err on his part? , or should I just let it go and be glad Im finally heading to a neurosurgeon? was your day? any silly things happen to you today? Gaw!
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