Needing a pair for a flight. I know I need them to be thigh high, but do they need to be open toe or not they asked me? I've used them in the past and they did have a little hole in the toe area, but is that considered "open-toe"? I understand how to measure for circumference, but how about length? I think I'll need an xlength.

The pharmacy here wasn't a lot of help. They told me insurance rarely covers these and if they do I have to go through the company they order from to get reimbursed, not the pharmacy. Also they asked about color. I've only seen white ones, but the tan ones were $20 something while the white were around $40! They ordered me a Sm and Med to look at. I may just buy online if I have enough time and know what to get.The doctor doesn't think I need anything special so didn't write a rx or have me measured.