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Thread: Book: "The Accessible Home" by Deborah Pierce

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    Book: "The Accessible Home" by Deborah Pierce

    I had the pleasure of meeting Deborah Pierce, architect and author of wonderful new book "The Accessible Home," at the recent Abilities Expo in New Jersey. The bookshelves at your local Barnes & Noble or local library aren't exactly spilling over with how-to reference sources for creating liveable, accessible homes that epitomize universal design features. Even if they were, this book would still stand out as a highlight.

    When I first explored "The Accessible Home," my first impression was that the homes pictured were culled from million dollar properties more likely to show up in Architectural Digest. The gorgeous coffee table-book quality photography can give you that impression. (Flipping through the pictures you will likely fantasize about living in every home!)

    The truth, though, is that many of the homes featured are indeed modest; it's the adaptations, innovations, style sense, and application of universal design principles that make them appear rich.

    Deborah presented a workshop at the expo that provided depth and additional real world context to her book. She brings a sensitive, in-tune awareness of the myriad of disability and aging-in-place challenges that confront many of us now, and will confront everyone if they live long enough (this comes through in the video interview below). After all, able-bodied now is not able-bodied forever: eventually everyone has to contend with diminishing and likely disabled bodies.

    The Accessible Home: check it out!


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