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Thread: Pubovaginal Sling

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    Pubovaginal Sling

    When I had my bladder augmentation done my doctor also put in a sling. Ever since I had the sling put in I keep getting vaginal infections. I don't even think I really needed the sling. Has anyone had one and had it removed? I know they are complicated to remove *sigh*

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    Was your sling done with a Dacron or polyester mesh material, or with your own muscle (autologous)??? There has been a lot in the press recently about long term complications with the use of artificial materials for this procedure, and many women have had to have the material surgically removed. The mesh is difficult to remove because your own tissues grow into and through it. I would recommend that you discuss your options with both your OB/Gyn and your urologist.


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    Thank you. I don't even know what was used I need to find that out. I've made an appt with a gyny so ill report back what she says.

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