I am sending this mail from Japan on behalf of my best friend who fainted and fell down the stairs outside of his house in August 2010. It was very hot day. He was quickly transferred to a near hospital. After the surgery, he was told by the doctor that the third and forth cervical vertebrae were injured and he will not able to control any part of his body except his eyes and mouth for the rest of his life.
In November 2010, he was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital where he was given massage every day to relieve stiffness in the muscles of his entire body. Gradually he was able to move his fingers. His specific level of spinal cord injury was C3/4, but it became C5 when he left the hospital in May 2011.
Then he started home remedy. Two days a week, a nurse visits him and helps his rehabilitation training; standing up and keep standing for seconds with help of two persons, moving from bed to wheelchair with help.
But the rehabilitation is associated with severe pain, ice pick-like pain.
He is very much willing to do the rehabilitation for recovering but at the same time he has to accept the severe pain following it.
He asked his doctors to reduce those ice pick-like pain but the prescription he is given doesn’t seem to provide any solution to his pain.
I wonder how are those people having the same problem with my friend coping with the pain.