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Thread: Does Anyone Here Scuba Dive?

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    Do you dive with any groups in Florida? My wife and I will be there this winter and I would like to give it a try.

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    Hey 1 to 3 dives a month is pretty decent...where in FL are you located? I'm in Cocoa Beach.


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    Joe, I dive with an organization called Veterans Ocean Adventures ( great group of people. They have a Discover SCUBA session every month, so feel free to contact them when you plan your visit, you'll love it!

    To the other Joe, not even 30 dives a month are enough and I'm south of you, we dive mostly out of Pompano... I'm south of Ft Lauderdale but north of Miami's madness.
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    I scuba dived back before being a quad 37 years ago. In Florida it was one of the things to do. Back before Disney and everything was paved over. Got our tanks filled at the Zephyrhills fire depo. So peaceful. d

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    Quote Originally Posted by migsaquino View Post
    I haven't tried diving yet, is there a limit to the depth I can reach?
    So your profile says you have a SCI. If so, what level and AIS category?


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    Tried scuba diving in a pool during a demonstration session for paralyzed persons many years ago. With almost no abdominal muscles, I was unable to do the part where you must 'clear your mask'. Did not have enough strength to blow out the water that entered my mask - a must do for scuba. The rest was fabulous, and loved the feeling of free movement in the water.
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