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Thread: Take a Guess at The Price!

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    Take a Guess at The Price!

    So I had some extension tubes built at a fabrication shop for the backrest of my ZRa.1 as I need about two more inches in height out of it.

    I know that you all know the prices we pay for our equipment. And that a hefty price tag doesn't usually surprise us. Though it usually pisses us off. So when we decide to buy an item we need, we're often prepared to learn what it's going to cost.

    But then there's the times when we hear the price and we just think... "Are you _______ kidding me?"

    Prior to my injury, I worked in a few industrial fields, of which required some basic fabricating skills. So I know enough about what it takes to measure, cut, weld and finish to understand what something like these tubes should cost to make. So I had an idea of what I was going to pay.

    These tubes are built out of stainless steel and are about 7" long.

    I'm curious to see what others would assume something like these custom made extensions would cost. Because the price I had to pay just kind of annoyed me for some reason. Though after everything I (we) purchase, medical related or other, the price shouldn't be much of a surprise.

    So please give your best guess at what you'd estimate these custom made extension tubes should/would cost to have built by a local shop!

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    250.00 CDN only because I think that would be an outrageous price. Shouldn't have paid more than 100.00
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    At the metal shop I have used they would have charged me the price of the tubing plus probably $50 bucks. They have made things like metal side guards for next to nothing. They are glad "to help a crip out." lol
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    I think $100 would be fair, so I doubled it.

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    I think that would cost about 100 bucks here also, unfortunately. Shop time is around $75 an hour at a good fabricator and they seem to always charge the whole hour reguardless. Looks like a good job.
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    I'm no metallurgist but won't that lower hole crack being so close to the edge?

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