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Thread: rigid back jay j3 vs sling back

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    rigid back jay j3 vs sling back

    I'm a c6-7 quad 19yrs 6'3" trying to transition from a sling back to a jay j3.

    I have a long upper body.

    Sitting in the j3 does not feel normal. The area for my butt feels like it is back too far. I sit on a quadtro roho 4 inch cushion.

    How low should the j3 go? To the top of the cushion?
    I hate the gap between the cushion and j3 back... no support

    Is your back supposed to be arched?

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    The jay3 can be tilted, if the part near the butt feels too far back try tilting it. Do you have any foam supports under the main cushion? If so adjust them after changing the position of the entire backrest.

    I have a gap between my cushion and jay3. That's normal.

    As for arched, the spine has a natural cure where the lumbar is curved 'inward' in comparison to your thoracic. If viewed from the side, your thoracic down would be a shallow s, and the cervical spine has its own curve as well.
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    I switched back to J3 after past 5 years using a sling back. I don't like a gap between cushion and back either. Adjusted it several times but not to my liking. I am planning to try a J2 Deep contour foam... never have used before, more of a stability thing for me. After 37 years (C5) my back is so misaligned i'm not sure anything will feel 'right.'
    I use a roho contour select cushion, personally I like much better than the quadtro

    hope ya get it to your liking!

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