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Thread: raising money for accessibility

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    raising money for accessibility

    Hi all, our mayor counsel for people with disabilities has raised money for the last 3 years to put toward something to make our town more accessible. We are still raising money but not sure what to do with it. Anyone in other cities ever do something like this? If so what did you spend the money on? We have one park that needs a sidewalk to the bathroom but we only have 1500 dollars and that won't go far. Most of our parks are accessible except for playground equipment and that's really expensive. City is taking care of curb cuts...any cool ideas?

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    hmm... $1500 won't go too far, but that's cool nonetheless.

    I'd consider dumping it into marketing to raise more awareness.

    More awareness = more demand = more public funds allocated to fixing/improving bigger stuff.

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    agree with scott
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    I think the awareness campaign idea is also great. If you want to know what the general public in your town thinks, have you considered doing some sort of survey? I googled your town, population 26,300 and that's pretty small. If you can't pay to poll the entire city, there are other methods you could try: if Aberdeen has a city Facebook page, you could solicit ideas on there. Also, if there are local organizations (sports, rehab, etc.) for people with disabilities, you could ask for suggestions from their membership.

    This is slightly different, but when I was in college, I did a "walking tour" of my school and rolled through most of the place to figure out where there were accessibility deficits that needed improvement. I wrote up a ten page report and presented it to disability services. If you want to know what needs improvement in your community, you could look at a map, decide which are the most well used public buildings and outdoor areas and then undertake the large task of doing a "walk through." With this method you may find some really glaring problems, and even if your budget is really small right now and you can't dream of fixing more than one thing, you can save your list as goals for future fundraising initiatives.
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    Is your town hall, town council and all courts accessible? Then look at the library. Any accessible public transportation? If the items you need cost too much use the money for a grant writer or to help fund a much larger fundraiser.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -scott- View Post
    hmm... $1500 won't go too far, but that's cool nonetheless.

    I'd consider dumping it into marketing to raise more awareness.

    More awareness = more demand = more public funds allocated to fixing/improving bigger stuff.
    Exactly! Use it for marketing & awareness & getting more donations for things that need to be made accessible.

    $1,500 buys three tablets and a startup website to connect to your community, list places that are not accessible, etc., etc.

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