RGGHH! My husband just finished 2 weeks of Tobramycin IV & Imepinem for Pseudomonas lung infection... They just called this morning and said that his culture was positive so we needed to go back on the IV for 2 more weeks..

About 5 months ago he had Pseudomonas and they prescribed oral cipro & something else, which never cured it. Eventually , it turned into a full blown infection that was causing fever, so on the IV we went.

I know cure depends on sensitivity. They apparently think that Tobramycin is the answer, but if it didn't work last time I wonder why it would work this time. I got a message about vetericyn VF in the nebulizer... Anyone tried this? Anyone have any magic cures or wise words of advice?

He has a "T" tube (just like a trach only rubber)..I assume this thing is caked with pseudomonas . Its not like a trach where you can change the doohicky. I'm gonna find a way to clean this thing... So, clean the Tube, Good oral care, .. what else?