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Thread: senior citizen ensures 22 yr old graduates from college

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    senior citizen ensures 22 yr old graduates from college this is a remarkable story. only one comment: smith is obviously a quad, not paralyzed from waist down as reported. wonder why he is in a manual on campus? I mean, I pushed for 6 yrs, but smith looks like a c5 or so. anyway, great story. this is reality, not push girls, imo. so few get this help.
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    Heh, the media almost always uses "paralyzed from the waist down", no matter what level you are. I would imaging that the manual chair was the best fit for Greene.
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    Wow. Thanks for sharing this. I guess I missed this when it was originally posted and then ironically noticed it because someone spammed and pushed it back to the top.

    I am not ashamed to say I cried watching the video. I wish more people would take action when they see someone in need of help, but Mr. Greene really went above and beyond most. I would like to read an article like this every day of the week. It would restore my faith in humanity.
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