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Thread: Getting a new car!

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    Getting a new car!

    While this is not my first new car since getting my wheelchair, it is my first new car since I no longer drive. Since I cannot drive myself, I do not need to get my wheelchair in and out of the car on my own most of the time. my lovely wife will be handling getting my chair and out of the car.

    I want my chair to go in the trunk of the car. So far I've had SUVs and the PT cruiser, so I have not had to take the wheels off etc., all we've done is fold down the back. my wife would prefer to continue leaving my chair as together as possible, so as to make it easy and quick to get the chair in and out.

    In order to keep the chair together in the PT cruiser, we needed to fold one of the back seats down. I have a Q7 manual chair, 16 x 16. in our next car, we want to be able to put the chair and without folding down a seat, because we hope to have children soon and we will need that backseat.

    we also want to spend as little money as possible, and not have to drive a monster truck (or minivan -- at my wife's request).

    So basically we are looking at hatchback type cars and smaller SUVs.

    what kind of cars do people here drive? Any suggestions as to the easiest car/SUV to get a chair and out of (for an AB)?

    A lot will depend on price, but I always like to hear the experiences of others first! Thanks all!

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    Try out the E60 5 series of BMW. For me the best car. Even in the sedan you have a lot of space to put your chair in. No more extra custom builds needed (only menox handcontrols). And trust me , the engines of BMW are a blast.


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    I know u don't want a van but I love mine

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    VW Jetta Wagons work out pretty good. Your wife could just open the hatch and put the chair in the back. Easy transfer, level with my chair, doors open nice and wide and are not too long making you less likely to get blocked in when someone parks close to you. The TDI's are really economical and last a long time, I've heard at least 500K miles if take care of, so maybe a used VW TDI Sport Wagen.
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    I am also a carepartner, and want something I don't have to take the wheels off of the chair, and that we can also fit a ZX-1 power add-on in the trunk. I also don't want anything too big, because small parking spaces are a big problem here.

    We are looking into getting Volkswagen Golf Variant / SportWagen. If we can afford it, we are waiting for the new one to come out that is based on the Mk7 Golf because it has a bigger trunk. It should be out soon in Europe and later next year in the US. We usually don't buy new cars, but this time we would like to, because we want to get some options that I think will be hard to find used.

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    I really like my Toyota Highlander. Gets good mileage and has lots of room for my chair, dog or handcycles.

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    Used Rav4 for 4 years, worked great, now using CRV works out even better. When im not alone some one sticks it in the back without breaking it down or folding the back, 16x17 chair.
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    Sometime when we go places my wife puts my chair in the back of are Prius. Its fairly low to the ground and there's a lot of room in the back, plus it gets great gas mileage, A real plus if you drive very much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TinkerbellK View Post
    A lot will depend on price...
    So what's your budget?

    We bought a loaded Outback w/ 59k miles on it for $14k at the end of '09. It's got 125k miles on it now and is running like a champ. It's only needed typical maintenance, aside from having a CV boot replaced. I expect to easily roll over 200k.

    We considered a Jetta Sportwagon at the time, but the cargo area was too small for our liking, and we wanted AWD + a larger towing capacity (ours is a 6cyl).

    Whatever you look at, investigate reliability and maintenance requirements.

    And avoid financing if possible, if money is an issue.

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    Can't afford to buy right now myself but I have been going to dealerships to look. The first thing I am noticing is how many cars I can't get in to. The doors just don't open wide enough for me to get my chair close enough for a transfer. A few have. So that' my first priority. I am also curious about what others are driving.

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