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Thread: Smartphone personal assistants

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    Smartphone personal assistants

    I'm looking to purchase a smartphone at the end of this month and will need to find one which can be used in many ways purely by voice. Obviously, Siri on the iPhone is a major player in this department but I know that many new phones with Android also contain a vocal personal assistant-type program. Anyone know the benefits or detriments to either?
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    I just googled "voice commands android" and found a plethora of rtices.

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    Hi I've tried to use voice command software on my android phone and to be honest it was not terribly successfully at understanding my voice commands, and if I recall correctly it you still need to shake or tap the screen to wake the phone up, and being C3 I don't have enough arm function to do this. May be worth looking at a switch activated solution to control this phone.

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