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Thread: Husband new SCI

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    My husband was doing great in therapy, walking with a walker up to 300 ft. But then when he was having his left knee x-rayed for a bone growth, they accidentally got a picture of his right leg and saw that his broken leg from the accident had never healed. And because he was walking on it, he sheared through 3 of the pins that held the rod in place. He had surgery on it a few weeks ago and now can't put weight on it for 3 months. It's a little set back but at least we know what he is able to do once his leg heals he'll re-start therapy.

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    In the SCI life, you can't let setbacks lay you low. Sounds like you guys have the right attitude - just keep at it, and with a positive attitude (even if you have to fake it sometimes), things get better.

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