My husband was injured 3/13/13 in a car/pedestrian accident. He is finally home from rehab. Going through out-patient rehab. Trying to learn was much as I can. This site has been very useful.
It's been a roller coaster ride and there are so many unanswered questions. His discharge papers from the rehab states: C8 Asia C tetraplegia. neurogenic Bladder/Bowel. He also has a fused L3.
We've been told that the muscle movement he will regain up to 4 months post injury is all he'll regain. Right now he has little finger movement in left hand and barely any grasp. Right hand has more movement and strength.
In rehab he has stood and walked with a platform walker with his feet wrapped. hasn't the ability to flex. He was non-weight bearing on his legs up until May 15. So he is working hard at regaining muscle.
He is doing good for the most part at keeping his spirit up but the pain seems to exhaust him.