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Thread: Which tilite?

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    Which tilite?


    I am looking to purchase a new chair but i need some help and advice. I want to get a tilite but im unsure which one. If money isn't an issue which is the best tilite to get and what are the best accessories (wheels, etc) to get on the chair.

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    i have a ZRA it is titanium light weight and strong as hell. while i was in the hospital i researched chairs for about 3 weeks and found out the good ones are only available in Europe. next to that Tilite ZR series is the next top.

    as far as frame type i wish i got the Tapered from vs the "V" frame. the tapered fits you more like a bucket seat. and looks a lot better.. googel "Wheelchair Tapered Frame" and you will see what i mean.

    Forks: i first owned the standard forks that came with the chair and ended up scratching the living heck out of my cabinets in the kitchen. i changed it to the Mono fork 3 months later ... they dont seem to pivot as good but well worth not scratching doors cabinets ect. plus they have a paded bumper around the top to protect things you hit

    my best advice check out this website and read each review from ppl owning them then look them up after that... i looked up every one and some aren't available here but still good info here
    Hope this helps you out!

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