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All this eurocar talk got me thinking...what's the typical sales routine on these? I know American cars are invoice or 'partner' style pricing and applicable rebates. But how does this translate in something like Merc or BMW sales? Or does everyone usually just rent the thing on a bend-over lease while keeping up with the Joneses? I think I read somewhere that 75% of BMW's are leased, but I'm a cash and carry kind of guy. I'd be real interested on how the high-class folks buy their status symbols, lol
I buy them used, preferably from private sellers. I did buy my current BMW wagon (1999) from a dealer in California, after trying to buy one from my local dealer. I practically laid the cash down on the salesman's desk in crispy new bills, and he still patted me on the head and asked me why on earth I would want a 6 cylinder engine, so I took my money and walked away.

This is the same dealer that blocks all the curb cuts on their property by parking showroom cars on them, and where the owner parks in the handicapped permit spot because "he's disabled" (but can't be bothered to get a permit).

You dicker for new ones, too.