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    If a new apartment complex has 3-4 different sizes of apartments. I was trying to find an accessible 1 BR and called about the cheapest one and was told that they don't have any handicap ones in that size and would have to go up to the larger 1 or 2 BR one. is that allowed?

    Because I am disabled I have to pay more to rent???

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    I don't think they have to have an accessible apartment in each "size". I think by law they just have to have apartments available that meet ADA code. It depends on the apartment complex also. When I was in college I rented an apartment and they didn't have one available for WC access. They went above and beyond and widened a bathroom door in another apartment that was available and added a mail slot in the door since there wasn't wc access to the community mailbox. They even had a parking space painted with HC parking right outside my door. I was pleasently surprised by how much they did to make it all happen, without me even asking for it. A lot of complexes are willing to work with you, others not so much. Hope you find something in your price range that has great accomodations for you.
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