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Thread: hipcrip update

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    hipcrip update

    Got this from Penny,

    I miss you guys so much and hope you're well and keeping the pains [central and human pains in the ass] at bay.

    I'm in San Juan to have surgery tomorrow that hopefully will bring a 7 month baclofen pump ordeal to an end. When I had my 3rd pump put in last November, the incision didn't heal, so I've been living with a hole in my abdomen big enough to see the letters on the pump since then. Amazingly I've not had major infections or meningitis, but it hasn't been easy and a lot of it is why I've been away from CareCure.

    Tomorrow they're going to remove the current pump and sew up the existing pocket, create a new pocket on the other side of my abdomen and place a new pump in it, and replace the tubing and intrathecal catheter. I'm as eager for all this to be over as I am terrified of having another surgery.

    Would you please let the folks of the pain forum know I miss everybody and am eager to get back? And if it's not too shameless and self-serving, I'd really appreciate a request for good thoughts and prayers that the surgery and recovery are complication-free.

    Got to go take meds and eat my last pre-NPO meal. I hope to be checking in with you shortly after the surgery.

    Love you, my friends!

    Penny aka thehipcrip

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    Thanks for posting this Ket. If you get back to her again tell her she is missed dearly, and I send my love.
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    Please tell her the docs need to check for MRSE (not MRSA).

    I had the exact same problem, incision wouldn't heal. Tried it 4 times before I got worried about the neuro screwing me up even worse. I left Iowa and the neurosurgeon who kept taking it out, washing it in abx juice, then putting it back in and sewing it up, only to have it not heal and open up. I too had a hole in my abdomen where you could see the silver pump, about the size of a half dollar.

    Came to MT and the first nurse I saw said you have MRSE, "methicillin resistant staphococculus epidermis"...or whatever it's called. The doc here took out the pump from one side and put it in the other, and now there's huge scar tissue buildup the size of a golf ball on that side where it used to reside. But the abx took away the MRSE and the pump is working well.

    If the docs had checked in Iowa for MRSE, it would have negated all the surgeries I had with the pump incision not healing.

    Good luck Penny, msg me anytime, best of luck. And have them check for MRSE.
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    Thanks for the update. Glad to catch up with her.

    Send her my best wishes,

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    My good thoughts and prayers go with you, too!
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    Good thoughts sent your way!
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    Thanks Bill. I miss Penny.

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    thanks for that update...I hoped she was doing well.....

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    mend quick
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