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Thread: Book Review of Working 2 Walk 2012

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    Book Review of Working 2 Walk 2012

    I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of Kate Willette's book, Working 2 Walk 2012. Here are my thoughts.

    Working 2 Walk is an annual conference organized and hosted by Unite 2 Fight Paralysis. U2FP regards itself as “The Voice of the Cure.” Their conferences bring together scientists, researchers, and advocates who work at the forefront of curative therapies for paralysis.

    A few reminders may be helpful:

    1. Kate is a Moderator of the Caregiving and Family Forums on CC.
    2. Kate has been with U2FP and the W2W conferences since their inception.
    3. Kate routinely writes the Live Blog from these events to inform those unable to attend the conference.
    4. Kate’s husband, Bruce, has a cervical SCI.
    5. Kate authored a personal memoir, Some Things Are Unbreakable, which details the life changing effects a spinal cord injury has on a family.

    Accordingly, Kate is eminently qualified to write this book.

    I have attended many of the W2W conferences. They are wonderful. The venues, the speakers, and the socializing serve to rejuvenate my commitment to the paralysis community.

    The depth and breadth of the information that must be processed, however, always leaves me with a bit of post-conference discomfort. My head is overloaded. I need a bigger hard drive and more RAM for my brain.

    This is where Kate’s experience as a writer and an educator shines through. If W2W is the server and the scientists are the information streams, Kate’s book is the App, long overdue, that makes the glut of information digestible. Now, we have a handy reference.

    Kate deserves style points for capturing the essence of complex concepts. She defines the challenging scientific vocabulary. Presentation after presentation is linked to those preceding it. The clarity of Kate’s prose reveals the larger picture of curative research. A painting we can all appreciate begins to appear on the canvas of the W2W conference.

    The picture is not complete. The obstacles of money, regulatory processes, and politics remain. But nothing happens without advocacy. And, Kate is at heart an advocate. Her book helps us understand there are reasons to be optimistic.

    All the members of CC should be proud knowing these conferences had their genesis in CareCure chat rooms and private messages from years ago. Kate’s Working 2 Walk 2012 shows us how far we have come as a community. These are our conferences and this is our book. Buy it here in whatever format appeals to you, highlight the relevant parts, and enjoy the prose.


    Link to see video and photos of Working 2 Walk 2012
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