First - Since I started working part time, I have been reporting my wages to Social Security monthly. Now, my employer gets a letter in the mail from the local SSA office wanting to know how much I have been paid for each month in 2013, and it said they wanted to know the amount of gross wages I had earned each month. I "earned" a certain amount and I also received a salary continuation benefit (LTD paid 66% of my salary, employer paid the other 33% minus the wages earned). I wouldn't think the salary continuation benefit would apply to "wages earned?" I''m still in my TWP, but I don't want SSA to think I am lying when I reported my wages.

Also, since I got approved for SSDI (and before) I have had a lot of out of pocket medical expenses. Will they reimburse me for these or no?

Once I am out of my TWP, (past 9 months) and in the Extended Period of Eligibility, what happens each months that I earn more than the SGA amount of 750 per month?

It is my intention to receive as many benefits as possible, but I want to work I can;t jut sit around and do nothing.