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Thread: life achievement unlocked

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    life achievement unlocked

    so i made a commitment to myself that when i graduated i'd do more to get into shape. have been slacking a bit and blaming my chronic fatigue and chronic pain.

    last week a friend posted on facebook that she was doing a 5k for sarcoma and i went "ok, i'll join her but i MUST do the following: finish under an hour, do it all on my own"

    i was one of the last to finish but i made it in 53minutes! there was a bit that a friend doubled back to warn me about and she and 2 other friends walked with me and offered to help, which i declined but they stuck next to me. it was UPHILL of gravel, mud, and potholes for about 1/2mile!!! but i did it and i completed my goals! all in my everyday chair + freewheel!

    next 5K is on the 29th so i have time to just get out there and exercise. i was never one for the gym so hopefully my ipod and nature will be all i need

    exercise exacerbates the fatigue and the chronic fever i have so i had to rush home to cool down and inhale coffee (IV infusion of caffeine please??) so i could go to another volunteer event. tomorrow i will be up at 3:30am to leave at 6am to get to an all day golf tournament + dinner event. i'll be pooped but i do hope that by fall i'll be in shape and maybe that will help these chronic conditions?
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    Congratulations on setting and achieving your goal!!!
    Celebrate your success.

    All the best,

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    Congratulations! I won't lecture you about your shoulders now. lol That 5k course sound like my many trips wheeling through the farm pasture that I challenged myself with in my early post-SCI days. But it was not potholes that I had to watch out for. As for caffeine, it speeds up the metabolism and your body produces more heat. Try some lemonade next time.
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    i am very careful of my shoulders and i use my back muscles as much as possible when i do push so that helps. also do exercises at home to help keep them strong as prescribed by a dr that did a should study on those with sci. but seeing as i do research via the computer, i'm not getting the kind of activity i want so it balances out.

    it's a crap shoot to be honest. if i hadnt had that cup of coffee i wouldve passed out until the next day. that's how bad this chronic fatigue is and caffeine is the only thing keeping me steadily awake

    thanks for the well wishes! i earned a good night's rest lmao
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    Congrats! You continue to amaze!
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    Awesome, congratulations! I was going to warn you about caster flutter, but since you're using a Freewheel that's no problem.

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