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Thread: Wanted: 650c handcycle/racing chair wheels

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    Wanted: 650c handcycle/racing chair wheels

    Is anyone interested in selling a set of 650 handcycle wheels/ small racing chair wheels? I'm ideally looking for discs or Tri spokes, but I'd also consider wire wheels, if the price is right.

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    Are they for a handcycle or racing chair? All three? Just rears?

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    They will be for a racing chair.

    I already own lots of spoked hand rims, so I'm thinking that I could potentially convert handcycle wheels-- since they are easier to find. Just rears would be needed.

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    Discs are the best for racing chairs, but they are rarely cheap. Plus, you'd probably have to drill them for handrims if you were able to find a set. Tri-spokes are OK but have quite a bit of lateral flex (not good for racing chairs.) Wire/spoke wheels are good if they are laced and built properly. If you've already got the right size wire wheels and handrims, that might be the best option. If they are just for training, you'd also be able to use clinchers. Tubular tires are good for racing but can get expensive if also used for training.

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