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Thread: Doing 40 to life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadEye View Post
    Or so it seems some days. I've celebrating my 41st anniversary today. In 1972 the doctor told me I'd live to 40 so I guess I'm living on borrowed time. Whatever the situation, I'm sure glad to still be here with you all.

    Knock one back in my honor tonight.

    glad you're still with us, funny thing, in 1978 the doctors told me I'd never see 35, i'm turning 53 this year
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    Congrats my friend!!! I'll have two glasses of wine for ya tonight.

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    Awesome. Keep on going!

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    Thanks gang, I truly appreciate the kind words from my fellow crips!
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    you were the first person my injury id met as I had first got injured and im glad it was you it gave me hope..keep pushing pimp you got plenty more to go

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    Congrats, Dead Eye, Robin.

    What's with these docs? Do they own stock in the funeral homes?

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    You gave my husband hope too when we finally met you. I was always telling him Deadeye says this or that. Then once we met you, I would say and Robin says this. Funny thing is one day after telling him something about you he says but wonder what the deadeye guy thinks, still not realizing you were the same person, lol. Thanks for everything, sorry your accident had to happen but also thankful that it did so you can lead the way for all of the rest of us.

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    Happy 41st Anniversary Dead Eye, I will have an ice cold Beck's in your name tonight...well done mate!.
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