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Thread: EMS for muscle atrophy

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    EMS for muscle atrophy

    Hi All,
    I came across this old forum post:

    I'm struggling to find a good EMS unit for my handicapped friend. She is in a wheelchair due to a spinal tumour and has some rather severe muscle atrophy in her legs. We are aiming to prevent further reduction and stimulate some regrowth. I've found medical papers proving that this is possible with EMS, but when searching for a suitable EMS unit there is a lot of marketing hype which makes it difficult to find an appropriate unit.

    Can anyone please recommend a good low cost unit that will work for us?


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    I can see there is one recommended here:

    From all I can find there appears to be a jump between cheap low power models that are more for TENS and the high power ones used to do proper muscle contractions. Looks like the proper ones are all over $300 and ebay just has the cheap ones Maybe that's a sign that people are happy and keeping their expensive ones?

    Really, I'd appreciate anyone's experience with any EMS device.


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    I use this one it's kind of pricey but its the strongest you can get for EMS machine. The people who run the company are extremely nice and helpful. Unlike with other machines where you just buy the machine and its up to you to figure out what to do with it, these people put together a protocol for you depending on what you are trying to treat. They walk you through where to place the pads. I've been using it since I left rehab in 2006 and my legs still have meat on them because of it. It's useful for so many things other than preventing/correcting muscle atrophy but you can read more on the website. I also believe they have payment plan as an option.

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