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Thread: Icon setup pics

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    Icon setup pics

    Okay, google is seriously kicking my ass, and my frustration tolerance is rapidly dwindling... Can anyone dîrect me to those icon pics of loads of very different setups using the same chair. I want to show my dad in a couple hours, and...can't...find...them...grrrrr...

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    I have quite a few pictures of my setup here.

    Because the chair is so easy to customize, I am more than willing to adjust it for a picture for your dad. Let me know exactly what you want to see and I'll take a picture and show the tools I needed to adjust it.

    If you want to do a FaceTime call or a Skype call so that he can see in real time and ask questions, PM me for contact info.
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    Not sure if this will help you Amy...

    (You can get to it via Icon's Facebook page).
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    Okay thanks, þhis was a helpful. I got the Facebook photos, and there are a few there of different setups, so I was able to show him those. I really need to find a few pics of the various accessories - removable armrests, anti-tippers, push handles, push bar... So if anyone has some they can post or direct me to, I'd appreciate it!

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