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Thread: Recurring UTI

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    Recurring UTI

    hello, my name is Tejas Parmar. I am a C6 quad SCI since 9 yrs from Mumbai, India.
    I do IC after 4 hrs during the day and keep the catherter in during the night.
    Lately, for the past 2 months i am having this recurring UTI. I hardly had UTI for the last 2 yrs. But since 2 months i get the symptoms of burning sensation, leakage, frequent IC. I take anti-biotics for 3-4 days, symptoms go away, but after a week they are back.
    Plz kindly suggest me step-wise what do i do get rid of this recurring UTI.


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    Hi, maybe you could get a laboratory for urinalysis and urine cultures sensitivity so that you can learn the specific bacteria that is causing UTI. Hope all goes well
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    Agree with "iskumbro."

    Get an order from your physician for a urinalysis (UA) and a culture and sensitivity (C&S). Take a specimen to a lab or maybe your doctor's office performs these test. The UA results should come back in about a day. The C&S take about 3 days. The lab will grow cultures and expose them to various antibiotics. A report will be returned to your physician, which will show him/her the most effective antibiotic to use for the type of bacteria that is causing the urinary tract infection. Get a prescription from the physician for that antibiotic. The prescription should be for a 10-14 day course of the antibiotic, not just 3-4 days. Take the full course of antibiotics. When you have finished the full course, wait a couple of days to allow the antibiotic to clear your system, then take in another urine specimen for UA and C&S. This second test should be done to be sure there is no bacterial growth in the urine.

    Anytime you have a catheter indwelling (overnight, in your case), you run a greater risk of developing urinary tract infections. You may want to consider a different type of bladder management if catching overnight is difficult for you.

    All the best,

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    Totally agree with GJ!

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