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Thread: Roller coasters

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    i go to six flags darien lake every year and ride the mind eraser (had my first orgasm when i was 17 thanks to that ride! lmao) they let you ride 2x in a row! your legs dangle so i just took off my shoes and glasses and the operators took my chair into this little booth with them and friends helped me on.

    the superman was one of the worst experiences! for both rides they put you in the first car to make transfers easier. for the superman, all there was was a teeny bar to go on your lap. i nearly fell over the bar and out of my seat more times than i could count and was hanging onto my friend for dear life! i've never been told no nor have had anyone question my ability to ride. it's all up to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SequinScandal View Post
    I'm not good at transferring that's why I haven't gone. I would need a man slave to go with me lol unfortunately those r hard to come by.
    It's pretty easy to find people to go with you when you tell them about the whole 'first in line' thing.

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