1 Month ago America decided George W. Bush was the best choice Some Headlines since (1 month)
Iraq Hungary to pull out 300 soldiers

Iraq 3 Iraq troops beheaded

Iraq A car bomb near a government building killed at least six people on Tuesday, authorities said.

Iraq A female British soldier has died in Iraq, the Ministry of Defense said Tuesday. Staff Sgt.

Iraq Insurgents Blow Up an Iraqi Oil Pipeline
U.S.A. George W. Bush says he's delivering the gift of freedom to the Iraqi people, but he delivered a different gift to 100,000 of them: death.

Iraq Hungary rejects Iraq troop extension

Iraq Baghdad car bomb kills 12 Iraqis

U.S.A. Dollar Plunges to Record Low Against Euro

Iraq in the central Iraqi town of Samarra, at least 29 people killed and wounding 40

Iraq Elsewhere, 20 American soldiers were wounded in the Sunni Triangle city of Ramadi

U.S.A. Robert Blackwill -- who is White House deputy national security adviser for strategic planning and President Bush's point man on Iraq -- told colleagues at the National Security Council on Friday that he was resigning, according to senior administration officials.
Other Prominent Saudi religious scholars urged Iraqis to support militants waging holy war against the U.S.-led coalition forces

Iraq Twelve Iraqi National Guards were abducted and executed by militants dressed as policemen while traveling home to Najaf, an official with a leading Shiite party said Sunday

Iraq A car bomb killed eight U.S. Marines outside Fallujah on Saturday, the deadliest attack against the U.S. military in nearly six months

U.S.A. Kids! Time to come in and get dressed for war.

Iraq IAEA says it warned U.S. about explosives
Some 377 tons of high explosives - HMX and RDX and PETN - are now missing from the facility, and questions have arisen about what the United States knew about Al-Qaqaa and what it did to secure the site.

U.S.A. Ashcroft, Evans Resign From Bush Cabinet

U.S.A. Education Secretary Rod Paige intends to leave his Cabinet position, a Bush administration official told The Associated Press Friday.

Iraq Childhood friends who enlisted in the Marine Corps together and died together in Iraq were buried side by side.

Iraq At least 18 US troops and five Iraqi government soldiers have been killed so far in Fallujah, military officials said.

U.S.A The costs of war
Bill to taxpayers will soon exceed $260 billion
Iraq The human costs continue to rise with staggering grimness, too. By Wednesday, 1,250 American soldiers had died in Iraq and Afghanistan (40 Americans have been killed in Afghanistan so far in 2004). Among American forces there's been 26,000 combat wounded and 7,000 amputees. Most of their medical costs, which will accrue over the years, aren't included in the tallies. The human costs to Iraq dwarf America's.

Iraq 'Scores of civilians' killed in Falluja

U.S.A. Secretary of State Colin Powell and three other Cabinet members have resigned included Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman, Education Secretary Rod Paige and Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham

Iraq Fierce battles between insurgents and U.S. and Iraqi forces killed at least 27 people Monday in Baqouba and south of Baghdad

Iraq Raids in the Mosul Region Undermine Value of Victories

Iraq They started pouring in late last week, at more than double the usual daily rate. By Sunday afternoon, the American military hospital here reported that it had treated 419 American soldiers since the siege of Falluja began on Nov. 8.

Iraq A U.S. Marine shot and killed a wounded and apparently unarmed Iraqi prisoner in a mosque

Iraq U.S. Troops Battle Insurgents Across Iraq
Iraq Suicide Bomber, Clashes in Iraq Kill 27

Iraq November became one of Iraq's bloodiest months as the U.S. death toll in the war in

Iraq reached 1,214, according to figures released by the Defense Department.

U.S.A. CIA officials angrily insisted Wednesday that a memo from intelligence chief Porter Goss did not order his staff to "back Bush," as a newspaper headline put it Wednesday.

Iraq U.S. death toll reaches 51 in Falluja offensive
Other False warnings about Iraq's nuclear capabilities have "seriously impeded" the United States' ability to issue warnings about any intelligence on Iran's nuclear program, a former chief weapons hunter said Thursday.
Other Diplomats: Iran Is Readying Nuke Processes
Iraq Insurgents ambushed a U.S. patrol, killing a soldier, gunned down four government employees and clashed with American troops in neighborhoods across Baghdad on Saturday.
Other Facing nuclear challenges on two fronts, President Bush warned Saturday that Iran's suspected weapons program is "a very serious matter," and he stood united with leaders of Asia and Russia in demanding North Korea's return to stalled disarmament talks.

Iraq Nine bodies of Iraqi army troops were found in south-central Mosul Saturday morning. The U.S. military said all of the soldiers had been shot in the back of the head and seven of the nine were decapitated.

Iraq 8 Iraqi Guardsmen Killed in Ramadi Ambush
U.S.A. Majority backs Bush after election

U.S.A. THE STRUGGLE FOR IRAQ: RECONSTRUCTION; Bush Got $500,000 From Companies That Got Contracts, Study Finds

Iraq Iraqi forces find chemical materials in lab

Iraq Iraq's most feared terror group claimed responsibility Sunday for slaughtering members of the Iraqi security forces in Mosul, where dozens of bodies have been found.

Iraq Two U.S. soldiers were injured in a Baghdad attack, and another American soldier died in a traffic accident north of the capital, the military said.

Iraq As of Saturday, Nov. 27, 2004, at least 1,235 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq (news - web sites) war

Iraq Suicide Bomb Kills 7 Iraqi Security Forces
Iraq Also Monday, two American soldiers were killed and three wounded in a roadside bomb explosion in northwestern Baghdad, the U.S. command said. The victims were members of the U.S. Army's Task Force Baghdad, which is in charge of security in the capital.

Iraq Al-Zawahri Vows to Keep Fighting U.S

Iraq At least 133 U.S. troops have died in

Iraq so far this month
Officials: Ridge Resigns Homeland Post

But his unpopularity in some Canadian quarters was unmistakable. Some of the several hundred protesters near the Parliament building were polite. "Please leave," read one sign along Bush's highly secured motorcade route. But others near where Bush and Martin met held placards that branded Bush an "assassin." A truck parked near the motorcade route was emblazoned with the phrase "Bush is a war criminal." Another placard simply commanded, "Go Home ... " and included an expletive.

Iraq A car bomb attack on an Army combat patrol killed seven Iraqi civilians Tuesday in the northern Iraqi city of Baiji, a military spokesman said.

Iran's top nuclear negotiator said his country's uranium-enrichment program will only be suspended long enough to complete negotiations with Europe, possibly only a few months -- though stressed Iran's intentions were peaceful.

Iraq The U.S. military death toll in Iraq has matched the highest of any month of the war, with at least 135 casualties reported for the month amid new reports of attacks by insurgents.

Red Cross officials have "made their view known" that the U.S. military's handling and detention of terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, amounts to torture, but that view is not shared by the Bush administration, a Pentagon spokesman said Monday.

One month later don't you feel more secure and proud of the USA. I for one do not, and will always blame those outside the 48% who looked beyond the hype and tried to forge a new direction. My disgust with the flag wavers and those that would hide behind the cross will not go away. you suck