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Thread: Looking for a good mattress for back pain

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    Looking for a good mattress for back pain

    I still use a hospital bed since my 04' injury. I have changed mattresses twice and the last I purchased a year ago, a beauty rest semi firm and is already sagging. I thought the beauty rest was good since I had used them pre-sci but this one is a disappointment. Looking to find out what is a good mattress for back pain.

    c-7, I don't turn at night, my right side is the weakest, any suggestions is appreciated.
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    I had a memory foam by sealy and it was the best thing for back pain but I couldn't tolerate how hot it was. It was also good for the pressure points to but again, I would burn up even on a cold night.

    I have an adjustable bed now and it serves its purpose but it is not near as comfortable as the memory foam.

    Its hard to find a good one.
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    I also use medical bed, you can try this mattress cheap and works great, if you want it softer just add 3 inch toper and you be golden.
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    Thanks for all the input, I have heard how memory foam mattresses are hot, so I have to consider which is better being hot or less back pain.
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