I don't normally post threads like this but I wanted to give people the heads up about the terrible service I got from Rio Mobility on a Firefly I bought. I received the unit and it never worked correctly. It would cut in and out and only hit 1.6mph. I immediately contacted their support and went back and forth with them for 7 days before finally shipping it back and demanding a refund. They were very slow to respond (often 2 days between emails) and clearly had no idea what they were doing and would not listen to me. From day 1 I told them there was a problem with the motor or controller but they just told me to try wiggling the connectors on 3 separate occasion over 7 days. They would not believe me that there was a bigger problem and obviously just thought I was an idiot. Once they received it they discovered that the motor and controller were no good. It is clear that they don't check the units before shipping and it cost me $100 in shipping back and forth. Now that I have my refund I'm buying the Oracing unit that I should have purchased first.

I understand that any company can have a dud but the support I received was terrible. They also resisted me returning the unit strongly despite their website claiming 30 day satisfaction guarantee. At least they did finally refund my money. I'm not saying not to buy the Firefly but just beware that if you have problems you are in for a frustrating experience...I guess it's cheaper for a reason.