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Thread: why do people get emotional about sports?

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    I enjoy and played all sports but can not watch anything other than American Football. It is very challenging and technical working as a team when there is competition, all your personal traits and characteristics are continuously being stressed and reenforced. Team sports build the best characters and singles out the majority of poor sports and thugs in my experience. Sports/teammates is what keeps a community together, it teaches individuals responsibility through the result of emotional and physical decisions under pressure. Then his faults/experiences are examined, stressed and rehearsed.
    As a true football fanatic and athlete I have a vague idea of how much work and discipline it takes to compete at the professional level, their dedication is admirable and always a spectacular display of sportsmanship.

    It will never be too late to be apart of a team and all teams are eager to share the goal/responsibility of life's experience.

    Game on player!!!!

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    I'll never understand it. I've got more important things going on in my life than to spend time thinking about and getting excited about something that doesn't effect me in any way whatsoever. What really gets me are the die hard fans. Like the ones who paint their faces and wear weird things like chunks of cheese on their heads and who would throw themselves on a pointed stake in support of their team. Yet any one of the team players, when offered a better monetary deal with a different team, even a so-called arch rival team, would jump ship in a heartbeat and take the better offer- to hell with the loyal fans.

    Then again some people have such easy lives they need something to be interested in. Even something as trivial as what multi-million dollar team beat what other multi-million dollar team on what Sunday at what taxpayer funded stadium that's named after (for a handsome sum... icing on the cake for the team owner) some multi-national corporation. It's a strange world we live in.

    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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    It is about one's passion of the sport. There are many aspect that create a fine team and many players trade for better contracts but the only goal is being on the team that earns the world title at the end of the season. We all know everyone's team isn't going to make playoff's but its exciting to see each team develop within each season.
    You're correct it is about the team owner's love of the sport. He employes a coaching staff that caters to his style of game play and the team and fan encourage him. The world is a fantastic place, just need to enjoy the finer things in life that are surprisingly free.

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