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Thread: New Chair Advice? Another TR? ZR? ZRA?

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    Hadn't thought about the Mike Box insurance issue. I think you're right, that he is cash only. My chair was about $3K, fully loaded.

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    Thx all for the tips, helped tons.

    Strongly leaning towards another TR, maybe a ZR. I'm fairly close to a right fit with my current TR and I'm fairly certain I know what to change. Now I'll just have to keep a close eye on the reps to make sure they don't change too much, they seem eager to switch everything until I step in - including trying to sell me a 800$ pair of Spinergy spox or 212$ soft-roll pair of casters (thankfully I know I paid 87$ for the same FL soft-rolls and I can get the spinergys for much cheaper online erm). I managed to cut my 25% copay on their quote from 3300$ to 1275$ by cutting a few things like that.

    The extra nuts and bolts on the ZRA just aren't worth the possible adjustments really, I don't trust it. I'll give it some more thought (approval process takes 3 months, the general reqs will be approved, the details later) so I have a few weeks to go and more reading to do! I might pop in here once in a while as I finalize everything.


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