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Thread: So you are thinking about using a ZX-1, SmartDrive, or Firefly on a TiLite chair...

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    So you are thinking about using a ZX-1, SmartDrive, or Firefly on a TiLite chair...

    We now have 3 innovative "on-demand" power add-on systems available that can provide the benefits of power on an ultralight manual wheelchair only in situations when it is needed. Of course, I am referring to the Spinergy ZX-1, RioMobility Firefly, and Max-Mobility SmartDrive.

    Provided the chair has a compatible configuration, these systems can be quickly installed, provide power when power is needed, yet can be easily removed from the chair when it is not. They will not change the handling characteristics of the an optimally configured chair when they are not in use.

    While I have no doubt that these are soundly engineered products, it is reasonable to assume that adding power to a chair that has been configured for efficient manual propulsion will subject that chair to different forces as it moves through the environment.

    These forces should be taken into account in the chair's configuration, but what things need to be considered?

    Until these products have been used routinely in real-world conditions by a variety of users, I don't think anybody really knows for certain (not even the respective manufacturers).

    There has already been some confusion about the power adaptable frame option and camber tubes. There will no doubt be more controversy in the months ahead as people begin to use these products, think about purchasing them, or think about getting a new chair.

    I won't pretend to have the answers to many of these questions, but I figured it would be beneficial to start a thread (albeit one that has a fairly provocative title) for these issues to brought up, discussed, identified, clarified, and verified in one location. That way, users, potential users, and hopefully manufacturers will be able to share information with one another.

    Only time will tell what these questions and answers may be.
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