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Thread: Medi-cal

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    Is medi-cal equivalent to Medicaid or Medicare? Does California have both or just one?

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    Medi-Cal is the name for Medicaid in California.


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    They have Medicare as well right?

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    My friend came here when she was I think 13. She's worked, paid taxes yet doesn't get Ssdi or ssi and doesn't get insurance. I'm trying to help her out because they are giving her a hard time I guess because she isn't officially a citizen.

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    If she is here illegally, no, she is not eligible for Medicaid (Medi-Cal). In fact, by applying she is very likely to get the INS coming after her to deport her.

    Did she pay into SS or just pay income taxes?? Did she have a SS number?

    Medicare is a federal program, available in all 50 states. Is does not vary state to state, and is portable with you if you move.


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    She isn't here illegally she has a green card .

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    And she has a social security number

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    If she has a green card, and no one sponsored her (which may have required that they sign a statement of financial responsibility guaranteeing she would not apply for govt. assistance programs such as Medicaid) then she should be eligible for Medi-Cal, as long as she meets the financial requirements (generally no more than $2000 in assets other than a vehicle and owning a home) and income limits.

    Did she work 40 quarters of paying into Social Security? If she had a job that did not withhold SS taxes, even if illegally, or she worked less than 40 quarters, she is most likely not eligible for SSDI. Did she have a lawyer to help with the appeals process if denied SSDI or SSI?? What is her disability? Has she appealed the initial denial??


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    She did come here on a sponsor (her dad) but he no longer works at the job in which he came here for. She is a paraplegic T-4/5 complete. She just told me she finally got a letter from Social Security saying she will get benefits, but she won't be eligible for Medicare for another 2 years.

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    That is correct. When you become disabled, you are not eligible for Medicare until 24 months after your SSI or SSDI eligibility has been confirmed.


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