Visited Mobility Works in Saginaw today (989-781-8267) to have my van worked on. They had a Martin Conquest Trike (now Mobility Conquest Trike) out front. I asked the sales manager if these were still priced around $50,000 and he indicated that prices are negotiable. I understand one was sold at $35,000 so maybe a price could be negotiated for less. I understand that Martin Conquest went out of business and that Mobility Works owns the company. Sounds like they are not making any more but that they have about 15 they will sell for negotiable prices. You could call Dale Bills at Saginaw Mobility Works or call Mobility's toll free number (866-884-8267) and talk to one of their outlets closer to you. He also showed us a 2011 GMC Sierra Z71 with Goshichi conversion. This one had 1000 to 2000 miles on it, it has a full drive train warranty but some parts of warranty are voided by conversion. The lift is about 28" wide and worked very nicely for someone who wants or needs to drive froim chair. I know these are very pricey but Mobility has I believe 3 of them, the one we saw was priced at $37,000, I thouught a good price for this conversion. Unfortunately, the one we saw was not 4 wheel drive. I believe Goschichi bankrupted and is doing business under a different name. Apparently Mobility will do the maintenance on the Goshichi conversions they sell. Just a note, I am not affiliated with Mobility in any way, they just maintain our vans. I was startled by the new Conquest prices and thought others might be interested.