I've been working full time 19 years and I'm 20 years post injury and I'm a T4,5,6 incomplete.
I work a minimum of 40 hours a week and a max. of 50 hrs Mon. thru Friday. I get up every morning either at 4am or 5am (every other day BP routine) and I'm usually in bed between 10 & 10:30 at night.
The only time I get a headache is when my allergies are acting up, so getting up early shouldn't have anything to do with your headaches.

My place of work is pretty accessible and I sometimes have to go out into our shop area to discuss manufacturing issues. I work for a large (over 350 employees) manufacturing company that ships worldwide. The only problems I have ever so often is when some asshat decides he needs the handicap stall in the bathroom instead of one of the AB stalls, but I usually give them hell about it and have broken several from doing so.

IMO the working environment would be a better place and the acceptance of the disabled would be more excepted if more of the disabled would work than live off the government.

I wish you the best and for all our sake keep working!