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... Once prepared, how much do you use for a dose and how much alcohol do you use per gram (or whatever) of pot? If you freeze the concoction for 2 weeks are the results the same? I will try this before going to the pot store.

WillVape, Yes I've used a vaporizer before but maybe because of the strain of pot I have, I can easily get wigged out and perceive more pain. Agreed it is a far healthier way than smoking.

... I can't do anything else anyway, I focus my mind on the pain. It seems counter-intuitive but if I can "listen" to my pain, accept it the best I can and relax, I'm able to see that it is not infinite and if I don't clinch all my muscles every time it comes on, I'm a little more comfortable. Good luck, I wish I had more to offer.

Yes you got it, the liquid (with the THC and cannabanoids dissolved in it) is the tincture.
It doesn't freeze, after all it's alcohol, and I've seen explanations as to why it should be prepped in the freeezer, though i'm no chemist.
I have friends who don't use a freezer, they just store it in a cool dark place.
I've also seen chemist types explain why dark is good too.

No matter, i found what works for me. Here's a recap of the directions.

Grind (like in a blender) or simply crush the shake.
Pack it into a jar.
Soak and cover with alcohol (the higher the proof the better, however, I've used everclear and it just tastes awful, that's why I prefer Gin).
Two weeks in the freezer (more or less).
Shake or stir every day or so.
Add more alcohol if needed, a little free liquid makes it easier to stir.
Strain using cheesecloth.
Store in the freezer (keeps it dark and cool)

Then I keep some in a bottle with an eyedropper.
Some in a small spray bottle.

Dosage is pretty easy to figure out - just keep increasing until you don't like the effects. Too much and you might feel anxious, woozy, or light headed.
No big deal though those effects seldom last more than fifteen minutes or so.
Anyway just back off a little next time.
Made with Gin, as described above, I've found about 3/4 of an eyedropper full about right. Thats about 25 to thirty drops.
Bad days I'll use a 1 and 1/4 eyedroppers.

I've been given some tinctures that have been reduced (concentrated) by heating off most if the alcohol.
Some of those tinctures only require two to five drops to be effective.

In a hot drink the alcohol 'boils' off and really isn't tasted.

So I start my day with about 20 - 30 drops of my weak tincture in coffee.

Often, it lasts until evening.
If I need a boost, I use the spray bottle and take a few spritzes under the tongue.

It really is as simple as it sounds.

The effects are so subtle that I only notice when I miss a dose.

Primary effect is to reduce spasms and spasticity, which I believe indirectly reduces or keeps the pain at bay.

I too have had good success with focusing on the pain.
Especially after smoking pot.
Instead of walling off the pain I get into it and try to understand the sensations.
Then, as you say, try to relax and accept the sensations.
It has definitely helped.

FWIW, I don't like using a vaporizer.
Seems to bother my lungs more, it's too easy to get loaded, and like smoking can aggravate the pain.

It's 7 PM and my back, which I can't feel, is killing me.
Time for a cookie...
Good luck,